Service & Maintenance

Troubleshoot and maintain your sign’s lighting and quality

It can be frustrating and expensive when you need your sign fixed. Our service team is knowledgeable on the most efficient and cost effective approach to fix your sign and save you the headache. Our goal is to decrease the amount of trips and save you money.

Licensed Sign Specialist

Whether there is an outage or an upgrade needed, our in-house service install tech can diagnose and treat the issue with your sign on site. Our team is up to date on the latest technology and lighting so that you can expect to receive longevity out of your sign.

To help us properly serve each customer, we offer an array of service vehicles to your location including cranes and bucket trucks. We also carry necessary equipment to be able to update and repair your sign including upgraded LED lighting, lamps, ballasts and more.

  • Licensed sign specialist in the state of Michigan
  • Specialized in latest technology and lighting
  • Large fleet of service trucks (including 85 ft. crane)

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