Servicing Your Business Sign – LED Retrofit

When it comes to servicing our customer’s signage or when we are contracted to refurbished existing signage, we highly recommend considering retrofitting your existing lighting to LED. While the cost upfront can seem substantial this will always pay off in the end as LED lighting will save time, money and energy in the long run for business owners. For some who have had outdated lighting for a while this impact can be immediate as LED lighting will save money on your energy bill and will reduce the need for service calls to your sign. For these reasons and more retrofitting existing lighting to LED is in the best interest of our customers.

What is it?

LED Retrofit simply means an update to lighting in your sign. This process involves removing old lighting components of your sign (typically comprised of fluorescent, incandescent, neon or other lighting fixtures) and replacing it with LED lighting.

Why Do it?

Cost Savings

Older lighting systems such as fluorescent lighting can easily burn out and need to be replaced on a regular basis. Every time this happens a service call is made to your sign company and charges are made to send a crew out to fix your sign. This can add up quick as a business owner and creates the need to continually have your sign serviced. Replacing your sign’s lighting with LEDs can save significant money overtime as LEDs life span can last up to 10+ years.

Energy Efficient & Environmentally Friendly

LEDs emit upwards of 80% less energy than the traditional lighting system allowing them to burn much less wasted heat. This is a win, win for your energy bill and the lifetime of your sign. This energy efficiency is beneficial to the environment as LEDs do not contain harsh chemicals like fluorescent bulbs do. While fluorescent bulbs are made of mercury and need to be exposed of carefully, LEDs are 100% recyclable.


LED bulbs are made out of plastic and are almost indestructible. Traditional lighting like fluorescent bulbs are made of glass that can easily shatter in inclement weather. Considering the conditions your sign may experience, LEDs are much more durable and will withstand most conditions. This is very important to consider, especially in Michigan when winter can wreak havoc on outdoor signage.

If you are interested in retrofitting your existing lighting to LED, contact our sales team at INFO@JOHNSONSIGN.COM or call us at 800-517-3720!

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