Schoolcraft College

18600 Haggerty Rd. Livonia, MI 48152

The Challenge

With recent branding updates made, Schoolcraft College, a public community college enrolling more than 30,000 students each year, needed to update their campus signage. With an almost 140 acre campus located near a major highway, the school wanted to be able to communicate the new brand effectively to all viewers in the Livonia, MI area. The immediate need was to update the cell tower sign alongside I-275 as well as updates needed to their VistaTech Center signage. Both the cell tower and VistaTech Center Clock Tower signage posed unique challenges when it came to designing, manufacturing and installation given the location and size of this signage.

The Solution

The cell tower signage was refurbished with three new 12′ diameter pan formed polycarbonate faces with embossed logos and three 6’x14′ school name panel signs repainted. Given the size and the location, multiple trips were needed to be made as well as coordination with AT&T to shut down the tower during installation.

Johnson Sign Co. manufactured and installed a new 7′ lighted logo wall sign in place of the previous non lit logo so that everyone on campus could see the clock tower, even at night. Due to the location of the clock tower the installation process was very unique. We were not able to reach the install location with cranes as we typically would so we swung the signage down from the roof and lowered into position.

In addition to the clock tower and cell tower signage we refurbished existing monument road signs, monument entry signs and wall letters for the VistaTech Center.

The Result

The project was successfully manufactured and installed in the desired timeframe. We continue to do work for Schoolcraft College and look forward to exciting projects with them in the future!

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