BWL Central Substation

700 S. Washington Ave. Lansing, MI 48933

The Challenge

The Lansing Board of Water and Light (BWL) completed their central substation project in REO Town which is a part of Lansing Energy Tomorrow, a five year program that focuses on new transmission lines, rebuilt substations and ultimately more affordable power to downtown Lansing and beyond.

Alongside the substation completion came an art installation opportunity that was collaborated on by BWL, the Arts Council of Lansing and REO Town to capitalize on the vibrant essence of the area and support local artists. Every three years, BWL plans to invest $20,000 to revamp and change out the artwork. BWL contacted our team given our relationship and work we have done for them in the past.

The Solution

This project was unique due to the interchangeable component needed for the art installation. Knowing this we reviewed and researched new and existing partners to see if there was a solution that would best fit what BWL was looking for. After collaborating internally we landed on LindSignSpring’s BannerFrameCLASSIC solution that would allow us to install an aluminum frame that would last but easily print flexible face material artwork that could be produced and changed out every three years.

The Result

The project was manufactured and installed on time and is complete with a system that will allow BWL to easily swap out artwork as intended! We were happy to support BWL and all parties involved for the awesome things they are doing for the greater Lansing area!

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