The Client

Northwest Community Schools
6900 Rives Junction Rd, Jackson, MI 49201

For the past three years, we have had the privilege to partner with Northwest Community Schools on their branding & signage needs. Every school’s name means something to someone. It’s not the name itself that means anything, but the people & culture of the school that makes the name.
Like the University of Michigan’s block “M”, or the Michigan State University’s “Spartan”, their brand & image mean something bigger than the logos. People wear them with pride and everyone can recognize what their meaning is. Geoff Bontrager and his team realized that, and after they created their vision they took action.

The Project

We helped Northwest and their brand by making statements with all of their signage. As you drive by all of the Northwest Schools, you will see their “NW” logos with pride on display for everyone to see. Three years after starting these projects, the meaning of that “NW” is penetrating the community. You see vehicles all over town with their “NW” stickers on the back. People are putting “NW” yard signs proudly outside their houses. Everywhere you go in the Northwest Community, you are seeing the “NW” being brandished with pride.

The signage we have supplied throughout all of the Northwest Community Schools are: Large LED Internally Illuminated Monument Signs with Full Color Electronic Message Centers, Medium Sized LED Internally Illuminated Custom Monument Main ID Signs, LED Illuminated Custom Wall Signs, Non-illuminated Wall Letters, Wayfinding Signs, and a multitude of Custom Interior Signs.

We have had the honor to work hand in hand with Superintendent Geoff Bontrager on these projects. To see how hard he and his team work behind the scenes, how much pride they have for this community, the enthusiasm & encouragement they give to everyone at their schools, and the amount of respect they have for the Northwest Community Schools is very uplifting. The culture of pride, respect, caring and enthusiasm they have created and cultivated is unmatched.

Northwest Schools has a really positive and exciting thing going. We are proud to be a part of Mountie Nation!
Thank you to all of the Northwest Community School team!

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